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Why are the app screenshots so important?

Let’s take a closer look at app store screenshots for ASO and why they are crucial to your optimization strategy.

As we know from Google, store browsing plays a huge role in new app discovery, with 48% of users discovering new apps by browsing the stores. Searches in search engines also play their role in app discovery, with 21% of users declaring to find new apps through searches. When exploring the app stores or after performing their search, mobile users come across a variety of apps and at this point, the graphic assets play a key role in their decision to install or not to install an app.

Screenshots take almost two-thirds of the space of the listing in the store search results. It is definitely the most visible element for the users, and also one of the most visual ones, together with the app icon. Splitmetrics, experts in A/B testing, have found out that optimized screenshots can increase the likelihood of users downloading the app by over 30%.

Create great app screenshots

Screenshots work as a lure for users – they catch their attention and are key in their decision to download a mobile app or game. The users certainly know how to see and identify a great product from the screenshots, but how do we create amazing screenshots that help us boost app installs?

We have tried and selected various tools to make screenshots, to identify the best of them to use for your apps. Our tip is to test them all and choose the one that fits best your design needs!

AppLaunchpad allows you to design beautiful screenshots from pre-designed templates for different iOS and Android devices. Build screenshots by customizing backgrounds, fonts, colors, and export them in all device sizes for App Store and Google Play.

There is a free plan to start from, and 29$/month or 180$/year Pro plan, which is a one-time payment that unlocks additional device styles, premium templates, the possibility to upload your own background image, and other premium features.

App Screenshot Maker from AppInstitute is a free tool that enables you to create app screenshots in a few minutes, and meanwhile to “focus on making the best app possible”.

Fast and easy to use, this tool allows customizing layouts, colors, and backgrounds, to create screenshots and export them in all device sizes for iOS and Android.

AppScreens is a screenshot creator that is available both for the App Store and for Google Play. It generated screenshots mockups for all the required screenshot sizes and makes their design process easy. You can choose from different templates that the platform offers, or directly start designing the screenshots from the Playground section.

Snapshot created by Fastlane automates the process of taking the screenshots and returns a single and useful web page with an overview of all designed screenshots, in all languages and on all devices.

Snapshot promises to resolve the most common issues with existing screenshot-making techniques:

  • Wrong scaling with blurry font.
  • Using incorrect device frames for various screen sizes.
  • No landscape support in most of the tools.

Automating the process of creating screenshots can save hours of work for developers and marketers and minimize the frustration from having to correct a spelling mistake or any other minor detail – you will just have to run the script again, and the screenshots will be ready in minutes 

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