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There are many types of products produced by steel casting factories. Because each user has different requirements for products, manufacturers should pay attention to the following requirements when producing products:


When the manufacturer casts steel castings, its shape, composition, structure and performance must meet the requirements of users. After the user sends the drawing, our technicians must first determine the casting process, and then use Huazhu CAE software to simulate the casting process to verify the feasibility of this process. We can also use the physical and chemical testing facilities of OBLF in Germany to conduct inspections from the beginning of the raw materials entering the factory to the entire process of smelting to ensure that the ingredients meet the standards.


How do we ensure the internal quality of steel castings? The internal quality is not like the appearance quality, which can be detected with the naked eye. Because it cannot be judged intuitively with the naked eye, steel casting manufacturers need to borrow instruments for testing, including materials Test, metallographic inspection and chemical analysis, etc., use these instruments to strictly inspect the mechanical properties, chemical composition, inclusions, cracks and holes in the steel castings to ensure the inherent quality of the steel castings.

In addition, the manufacturer must ensure the external quality of the product and ensure that the appearance of the casting meets the requirements of the user. For this reason, we will carefully check the appearance of the steel casting to check whether the surface of the steel casting is smooth and clean. Whether there are defects, dimensional tolerances, weight deviations and shape deviations do not meet the requirements. When checking the surface quality of the castings, you should not blindly check with your eyes. If necessary, you should also use some professional measuring tools and instruments.

No matter what product the steel casting factory produces, it must follow the above steps to check the internal and external quality of the casting.

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