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Apple has issued an official press release regarding “Ensuring the Trustworthiness of Health and Safety Information”. Apple states that only developers affiliated with these recognized organizations can submit COVID-19-related apps, and that no COVID-19-themed entertainment or game apps will be reviewed.

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The App Store should always be a platform where users can download apps safely and securely. With the global fight against the spread of COVID-19 now underway, this commitment from the App Store is more important than ever.

Communities around the world rely on the App as a reliable source of news – helping users learn about the latest healthcare breakthroughs, find out where they can ask for help when they need it, and how they can help

To meet these expectations, we’re rigorously evaluating apps to ensure the reliability of our data sources and that the developers showcasing them are from recognized organizations (such as government organizations, health-focused NGOs, companies with deep credentials in health, medical or educational institutions).

Only developers from these recognized organizations can submit apps related to COVID-19

We understand the need to make these apps available to users as soon as possible; the standard App Store review process can take a long time, and we encourage developers who meet the above criteria to select “Time-Sensitive Event” on the expedited request form to request priority review.

Entertainment or game apps that feature COVID-19 will not be reviewed

If you are developing an app on behalf of a customer, please suggest that the customer add you to the development team in their Apple Developer account. If your customer does not already have an Apple Developer account, sign up for the Apple Developer Program first.

Nonprofit organizations, accredited educational institutions and government departments that plan to publish only free apps on the App Store and are located in approved countries may apply for an annual dues waiver.

Epidemic may affect Apple reviews, comment updates

Of course, in addition to Apple’s enhanced management requirements and uploading needs for the App, Apple notified its employees as early as March 6 that it was implementing home telecommuting due to the spreading virus crisis. It is reported that due to the policies on download speed, workflow, and confidentiality and security, telecommuting will have a significant impact on related audits.

According to the data compiled by the Seven Wheat Research Institute, it is speculated that the length of audits, comment updates and other related auditing tasks are affected by the outbreak.

Since March 14, the review time has become significantly longer, from less than a day to more than 24 hours, and the review time on the 15th has reached 32 hours.

According to the update situation of App reviews, the update dropped significantly, and some products had 0 reviews since the 14th.

Warm Tips

1. It is understood that Apple is now actively discussing the solution internally. Developers should not be impatient and can apply for expedited access if they need to launch their products urgently.

2、For products related to the new crown virus, you can select “Time-Sensitive Event” through the expedited application form to request priority review.

3、For the review of the new crown virus-related App, it is recommended to prepare and provide relevant instructions to avoid being mistaken as entertainment and game App not being reviewed.

4. It is recommended that developers change the optimization and review strategy according to their own situation to ensure that their products are not affected by the review time in the near future.

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