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Because many customers will cause laser cutting machine failure due to improper operation or other reasons during the use of laser cutting machine. Although the failure is very small, it is precisely because this small failure will cause delays in production and even cause losses, so How to save these failures in time and reduce losses is what we are trying to understand.

  1. When the power button is activated, the laser cutting machine does not work. At this time, we need
  2. Check whether the laser cutting machine is powered on, if it is not powered on, please plug in the power first;
  3. Whether the main board parameters of the laser cutting machine are correct, if not, please refer to the software instructions to correct the parameters;
  4. There is no laser in the work of laser cutting machine
  5. Check whether the optical path of the laser cutting machine is offset, refer to the optical path for adjustment;
  6. There is a problem with the circuit. At this time, you can insert the point ray that comes with the laser cutting machine into the signal terminal of the power supply to judge;
  7. The laser is intermittent during work

Common faults in the use of laser cutting machine

  1. Check whether the water circulation of the laser cutting machine is smooth. If it is not smooth, please clean the water tank and pump, and unblock the water pipe;
  2. Check whether the power supply voltage is stable at this time. If the voltage duration of the laser cutting machine is unstable, please add a voltage regulator to the power supply;

Fourth, the laser cutting machine cannot process online data

  1. Check whether the communication data line of the laser cutting machine is well connected, if it is not connected, please shut down and reconnect the data line;
  2. Whether the software USB installation is successful, if it shows that the installation failed, please reinstall the software and USB driver;
  3. The processing size does not match the size set by the software
  4. Install the software, you can install the original software of the machine to restore the original parameters;
  5. Through calculation, adjust each movement, through the software calculation, re-enter the set size and the actual size of the processing in the software; 6. The control panel does not light up

The wiring is loose, check that the connection line from the motherboard to the panel is loose;

Seven, boot reset hit limit

Common faults in the use of laser cutting machine

Limit switch and signal problems, check the software parameter setting and limit switch;

Eight, engraving dislocation

  1. For electrostatic interference problems, reconnect the ground wire and the ground is less than two meters;
  2. The mechanical part is loose. Check if the gear top wire and belt are loose.
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