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Among the three digital reading giants, the average number of monthly paid users at ReadWrite fell from 11.1 million in 2017 to 10.8 million in 2018, and the paid rate dropped from 5.8% to 5.1%, according to Finance.com. Meanwhile, from 2016 to 2018, Palm Reader’s digital reading revenue growth rate also plummeted from 91.3% and 39.21% to 5.61%. And Chinese Online has fallen far behind, with a net profit loss of 1.508 billion yuan, down 2045.72%.

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With the reading group in 2018 reduced 800,000 paid users, to even Shang free reading, rice reading novels, seven cats novels, such as free reading online platform rapid rise, from the recent book free list ranking can be seen, the user for free novels, read novels to make money very buy.

How long can the gimmick of “free reading” last?

At present, the novel App function and attract users gimmick is mainly based on IP resources and free, from the major free reading products, in addition to the Aiki reading to open a number of published books in the form of activities, most reading products content to cool text, the proportion of boutique content is low, the content and user habits lead to reading App development single.

From the point of view of realizing, to read novels, for example, there are two directions of realizing: To B, to provide advertisers with product exposure, to M or C as the settlement standard. to C, mainly for membership, ad-free, can listen to books.

From the operational point of view, generally speaking, for the need of cost control in the early stage of the product, the platform favors low-cost buyout and third-party licensed works in terms of content procurement, which is more cost-effective; while the free model is not liked by well-known IPs, which also leads to difficulties in signing up high-quality IPs and not much high-quality content.

Net god “wandering toad” has made a personal comment on free reading: “free reading can not gather readers, the viscosity of readers is very low, they come for free, not for your work, the advertising value of free novels may not be as good as the same level of paid reading novels One tenth, you put advertising, but completely unaware of the book’s advertising appeal, it is possible that the data is very good for a book, the advertising appeal is 0, there is no conversion rate.”

So free reading can only short-term growth of users, from a long-term perspective is not suitable, and later to open the payment model will also affect the existing user loyalty, so the novel App can only go free reading this road?

Dialogue + voiceover + interactive reading novels after become the main force

Recently, Seven Wheat Data has noticed a dialogue-based novel reading platform with its own characteristics – [Hurry™], which uses dialogue to present novels, not only limited to reading, but also improves user participation, greatly overturning the inherent way of reading novels. Conversational novels are a kind of online writing that omits the traditional scene descriptions and background explanations, and mainly uses character dialogues to advance the development of the plot. From the performance of Seven Macs [Faster™] in the recent month, it is still very good.

From the perspective of product features, its novel presentation and reader interaction is the key to user recognition.

Product Features

The positioning of [Hurry™] for users also has a different general novel platform, for the younger generation, not bound to the form of fixed words, is the voice control fetish, paragraph writer, novel lovers of young people gathering place. And this gimmick has really attracted a lot of young friends.

This kind of novel app that reads, watches, writes, talks and plays is really a breakthrough for novel platforms.

Voice control + divine reply gathering place

In fact, these products are concentrated from the beginning of 2017, to a certain extent, this trend is led by the U.S. reading products Hooked, there are about 20 similar products in China, such as hurry up, fast and cool, side fun, fans say, etc.. As the post-00s gradually become the main force of the Internet, these products will be increasingly concerned by more and more users.


Make full use of product features. You can recommend your own products through your own product features or product innovation functions. It is recommended that you can recommend your product highlights or new features to Apple about 2 weeks in advance, so that you can get more recognition from Apple’s editors and have a greater chance of being recommended.

Post-00s users will become the main force. From the perspective of post-00s products, the positioning does not need to be clear, but needs to be diversified.

In fact, now more and more App is not only limited to the inherent characteristics of the product, and increase more more interesting interactive way, the game subliminally into the application, the application is no longer a simple application, in order to better improve user activity, interactivity is not only limited to expand the social circle, and increase the game interactive way is also a good choice, the interaction between people is one hand, and the other hand Open the inherent idea of creating without boundaries, using the advantages in the game to create a new form of application, I believe that more and more developers will be recognized.

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