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There are two types of casting powder: sand casting and special casting. After talking about aluminum sand casting, we will talk about special casting. Special casting: According to the modeling material, it can be divided into special casting with natural mineral sand and gravel as the main modeling material (such as investment casting, mud casting, shell casting, negative pressure casting, solid casting, ceramic casting, etc.) and There are two types of special casting (such as metal mold casting, pressure casting, continuous casting, low pressure casting, centrifugal casting, etc.) with metal as the main casting material.

Dewaxing casting method-this method can be outer film casting method and solid casting method. Copy the object to be cast with wax first, then immerse it in a pool containing ceramic (or silica sol) and wait to dry, so that the wax replica is covered with a ceramic outer film, and the steps are repeated until the outer film is sufficient to support the casting Process (about 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch), then melt the wax in the mold and pull out of the mold. After that, the mold needs to be heated many times to increase the hardness before it can be used for casting. This method has good accuracy and can be used for casting of high melting point metals (such as titanium). However, due to the high price of ceramics, and the need for multiple heating and complicated production, the cost is quite expensive.

  1. When cleaning, a relatively standardized code must be formulated based on the removal of gravity castings, and the employees, persons in charge, technology, management methods, and inspection staff who are responsible for removal must comply with the relative code.
  2. Boxing, the time of boxing must be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the processing technology to carry out the management method. Very much, the time for boxing in winter will increase by 20%. Before opening the box, the sand box handle and the quality of the gravity casting parts must be inspected to clarify the safety of the employees. The sand mold in the indoor space of the box belt can be poured and beaten to make it fall.
  3. In order to reduce dust pollution, wet operation will be adopted for sand production. And the sand removal must be complete. Except for the iron-clad sand at the 4 arcs, all the iron-clad sand must be removed to be able to switch to the order and tempering treatment. The root sand of the riser must be cleaned and the riser must be cleaned easily. In the case of sand removal, it is necessary Keep the core iron and collect cold iron hooks for reserve.
  4. Gas cutting is the removal of unnecessary metal materials on gravity castings, such as leg presses, drape seams, burrs or succulents, etc., which will be removed by gas cutting.
  5. Cleaning will be the final process, including thermal correction, electric gouging, and sand wheel polishing. We must carefully carry out the actual operation when we carry out the solution to avoid unnecessary shortcomings caused by the casting.

Metal mold casting method-use metal with a higher melting point than the raw material to make a mold. Among them, it is subdivided into gravity casting method, low pressure casting method and high pressure casting method. Subject to the melting point of the mold, the metal that can be cast is also limited.

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