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  • 1. Commodity stamping parts: For example, stainless steel basins, stainless steel barrels, pliers wrenches, etc. are all metal stamping parts. Shapes such as basins and barrels need to use the drawing process in stamping. The literal meaning of drawing is to pull and expand. In the same way, the drawing process uses a drawing machine and a mold to process the metal sheet.
  • 2. Stamping parts of household appliances: for example, the shell of the computer mainframe, the shell of the TV air conditioner, the metal liner of the rice cooker, etc.
  • 3. Small household appliances parts: Mainly include major household appliances parts, such as color tube electron gun parts, and small household appliances parts, various structural parts and functional parts.
  • 4. Transportation stamping parts: For example: cars, boats, airplanes, etc., there are many metal parts inside. These parts and accessories generally cannot be welded into an integrated type. Because of factors such as weak welding and poor appearance, they need to be made into a whole, and then metal materials need to be made into a whole product. The shape and size are what you want. Need to use metal stamping processing technology.
  • 5. Other parts: Mainly include instrumentation parts, IT parts, acoustic and camera parts, modern office parts, etc.


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