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Brand risk on mobile web display rose 2.3 percentage points in the second half of 2020, according to the latest Media Quality Report for H2 2020 from digital ad verification firm Integral Ad Science.

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The latest data shows that brand risk increased across many media environments with desktop display rising 3.2 percentage points from H2 2019.

Video formats saw brand risk jump to 6.7%, while web video hit 8%.

According to Nick Morley, EMEA Managing Director at Integral Ad Science, the rise is due in part to “political and societal movements [driving] greater risk in online content.”

He added:

“Rather than a blanket approach to blocking online content, brands looking to navigate the ever-evolving digital environment should take a nuanced approach, considering the context and sentiment of the content alongside which they advertise. For example, not all pandemic-related content is negative or harmful to a brand, so advertisers needn’t miss out on opportunities to interact with engaged audiences by inadvertently blocking high-quality, contextually suitable publisher inventory.”

Hate speech saw some of the highest share in risk across all inventory with desktop video rising from 0.6% to 16.5%.

Adult content posed a risk of 15.1% on mobile web display.

The violence category rose to 21.3% in H2 2020 but brand risk in the category decreased on mobile web video as improvements were made (down from 40.2% in H2 2019 to 27.3% in 2020).

The report also notes that anti-fraud technologies are having an effect on reduced ad fraud levels across digital inventory in the UK.

Viewability within mobile apps jumped to 72.9% which means that advertisers are standing a higher chance for consumers to see their ads on mobile.

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Because consumers are spending more time on mobile web and apps, advertisers are getting a better opportunity to engage with them online.

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