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Starting a YouTube channel from scratch can definitely feel overwhelming nowadays, especially for gaming channels. We are at the point where the market feels oversaturated, and all AAA titles seem pretty well covered. Luckily, it’s no reason to be discouraged. Using specific video SEO tips, you can make sure you are heard and reach hundreds of monthly searches!

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If gaming is your passion, and if you have a meaningful take on certain issues you need to share your thoughts. From that point onward, if the audience likes what they see, it should be easy to get your subscriber base or core audience.

Video SEO Basics for Newbie Content Creators

The general plan is quite straightforward, you need subscribers in order to receive donations, sell your merch, or just get revenue from ads on your videos. So, to get subscribers you need to appear in search results or at least be featured on a home page.

This is where video SEO tactics come into play, to ensure your content is more visible and relevant to search queries.

Don’t Lose Potential Subscribers

There is a reason why almost every YouTuber urges people to like the video and subscribe, and why they make that easy by including those buttons at the end of the video. It’s simply proven that those methods drive the conversion. Moreover, the audience is well educated nowadays and they know exactly how they are helping you.

If the content you upload resonates with them they will do it, no reason to doubt it. Even though it is a cliche you should not feel bad about asking and still include this in your video.

Finding Right Keywords

When it comes to visibility or monthly searches, keywords or keyword phrases play a crucial role. They basically show what people want to know on a given topic, and how they formulate their questions.

So, in many cases, the video content that has high relevance is the one with the title that is identical to a search query. For example, you can have a title that says “Hidden Level Mission 9 – Devil May Cry 5” this way you would be visible for Devil May Cry search queries and any query that is related to finding hidden levels in the game, specifically for the one that is related to mission 9.

By using different tools to identify relevant keywords, you can also get feedback on what people want to know about that topic, and then do research to see if those questions are adequately addressed. This will really come in handy when you are thinking about content strategy for your future videos.

Video Tags and Description

Tags determine how your video will be categorized, so once again you need to make sure this section is appropriately filled out. You don’t want to use misleading tags though because they most likely won’t do you much good. If people see your video in results, or simply abandon it, then it sends a message that it is misleading. The same applies to the description.

You need to fill it with relevant content and relevant keywords, so it pops up in Google searches, not just YouTube searches. So, long as you are on point and there is no high bounce rate on your video, it will be deemed as the relevant content for a specific search query. Once again, you can use tools that can help you identify relevant tags for your keywords.

Community Engagement

Don’t treat your videos as disposable content. Regardless of the time they were published, keep them alive by maintaining engagement with the audience. In other words, you need to encourage your viewers to leave a comment, to ask you questions, and express their opinion on the topic.

Then all you need to do is keep the discussion alive, and be responsive. This type of activity tells the algorithm the post is still relevant and it will maintain a higher ranking, which helps the relevance of the entire channel.

In general, you should also ask the audience what they would like to see or which topics they want you to explore. Even though there are a lot of videos on the same topic they care about your opinion so you should try to accommodate those requests every now and then.

Video Transcript and Translation

Video transcript makes the video easier to follow and digest for both native and non-native speakers. Translating those video transcription to multiple languages is going the extra mile that can result in a massive payout down the line. This way you make your content accessible to an even wider audience, and the more they stick around and follow your videos, the better they will rank. You can work on this from the very start and ensure the longevity of your channel.

Noticeable Thumbnails

This might be a way bigger deal than you originally thought, as there are a lot of things your thumbnail can do. First of all, it needs to look cool and eye-catching, so that it stands out, in a way. Second, you can use it to evoke a certain emotion and make it more likely for the audience to click on it.

Bear in mind though that if they feel like the thumbnails are used as clickbait and there is no payoff, they will likely ignore it in the future, so use this option wisely.

Finally, your thumbnail design will help you with your channel identity or your identity as the content creator. It should definitely be something unique and you will definitely experiment with it as your channel grows.

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