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Recently, French game maker Voodoo has released another hit game – aquapark.io, which has been on top of the App Store game chart for 3 days and the cumulative downloads (iOS) have exceeded 124w in the last 7 days!

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This game is simple to operate, players only need to control the little man, gravity in the water slide slide, during which you can hit to squeeze out the opponents. In the hot summer, this game brings players a touch of coolness.

Nearly 40% of mini-games occupy the top 100 games, with a high percentage of female users

There are actually many casual games like aquapark.io in the App Store. As of June 11, there are 37 small games in the top 100 of the game list, accounting for nearly 40% of the total.

Among the top 100 games, we can see that many of them are products from foreign countries, such as Happy Glass, Twist Hit, Fun Race 3D, etc., which have entered the top 10 of the game list. “The annual download volume (iOS) is over 1769w!

According to the survey, the user group image of mini-games has changed a lot in recent years, with women accounting for 55%, more than male users, which is closely related to the attributes of mini-games and social environment.

Small game play is simple and easy to start, no need for cumbersome novice tutorials, reducing the threshold of user use. Coupled with the strong capacity of short video platforms such as Jitterbug, small games can easily attract the attention of a large number of female users and young people.

With the accelerated pace of life, mini-games have gradually become one of the ways to relieve stress in people’s daily life. Users do not need to spend a lot of time focusing on them, they tend to use bits and pieces of time to experience them. Mini-games such as devouring, role-playing, puzzle-solving and nurturing games can meet the needs of users for stress release and entertainment.

The underestimated mini-games with amazing kryptonite ability

These seemingly “pedestrian” games, in fact, the ability to attract money is not weak. Recently, there is news that foreign super casual game giant AppLovin is ready to go public in 2020, planning to raise $1 billion; domestic small game developer SuperTapx spent about $6.1 billion (about RMB 40.8 billion) in total user spending last year. This makes us marvel at the kryptonite of mini-games, so amazing!

The profit model of these mini-games is actually very simple – advertising. Small games are always filled with some ads, which will certainly affect the user experience, in the user reviews of small games, the most frequent comment content is “too many ads”.

A small game product under the user comments

Advertising as the main means of profit for small games, in fact, there is an important role – the game push each other. Through the way of mutual promotion, it brings more traffic to the product. This is a is a relatively fast way to get with trust, especially in the small games more common. Of course, there are also a lot of users choose the product in the purchase, by paying the way to avoid the intrusion of advertising, therefore, the purchase is also an important way to profit small games.

Hot spot + creativity, the way of small game growth

Since this year, there are many popular light hand games, which are highly sought after by young users. These apps are no longer obsessed with relying on Jitterbug to expose and attract fans, but they still get high attention. In the App Store game list, we have witnessed one “dark horse”, so what are the ways of their growth?

Small game “hotspot”, daily absorb 100,000 fans is not a dream. In May this year, an adventure game called “Chicken You’re Too Beautiful” entered the App Store game list Top 3, and I believe we have heard about the stunt of a certain Cai star “Chicken You’re Too Beautiful”, and the game’s style of painting contrasts with that of “Chicken You’re Too Beautiful”.

The game’s art style is simply highly restored compared to the “chicken you are too beautiful” ghost animal. Because of this, the game quickly became popular, the number of downloads soared, and the highest single-day downloads (iOS) reached 14w!

Innovative gameplay, the perfect combination of technology + game. 3D, AR and other technologies are actually not new to young users, but currently only used more in offline stores and movies. The combination of small games and technology is a huge market to be developed.

A mini-game “Dancing Line” brought by Jitterbug last year is perfectly combined with 3D technology, and users can switch the direction according to the rhythm of music, bringing a fresh visual experience under one scene switch.

Apple prefers products that combine 3D and AR technology. “Dancing Lines” has been selected 10 times in the App Store, which is a great exposure channel for the product.


Increase the sensitivity of the topic and bring freshness to users. Small games occupy certain advantages in terms of development cost and time compared with large games, so developers with energy can develop products combined with offline hotspots, including special nodes such as seasons and festivals, and such products are often eye-catching.

Combine 3D, AR and other emerging technologies to empower the products. For small games, combining 3D, AR and other emerging technologies can bring users a different game experience. Touching on emerging fields is also a way to avoid fierce competition among products, and developers have more energy to optimize their products and thus establish their product status in the field.

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