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AUO C070FW02 V0 AUO C070FW02 V0 AUO C070FW02 V0 AUO C070FW02 V0 AUO C070FW02 V0 AUO C070FW02 V0

#C070FW02 V0 AUO C070FW02 V0 New AUO 7inch LCM 480×234 500 300:1 60/60/60/40 Full color CCFL analog, C070FW02 V0 pictures, C070FW02 V0 price, #C070FW02 V0 supplier
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Brand AUO
Model C070FW02 V0
Diagonal Size 7.0 inch
Type a-Si TFT-LCD, LCM
Pixel Format 480(RGB)×234  76PPI
Configuration RGB Vertical Stripe
Active Area 154.08(H)×86.58(V) mm
Outline Dim. 164.9(H)×100(V) ×6(D) mm
Bezel Area 156.4(H)×89.0(V) mm
Treatment Antiglare (Haze 25%)
Luminance 500 cd/m² (Typ.)
Contrast Ratio 300:1 (Typ.) (TM)    
View Direction 12 o'clock
Response Time 12/18 (Typ.)(Tr/Td)
Viewing Angle 60/60/60/40 (Typ.)(CR≥10) Left / Right / Up / Down
Operating Mode TN, Normally White, Transmissive
Support Color Full color
Light Source CCFL  , 10K hours , W/O Driver
Weight 160±10g
Designed For Automotive Display
Touch Panel Without
Interface Type TFT Specific Analog RGB , 30 pins FPC
Power Supply 5/5/15/-10V (Typ.)(VCC/AVDD/VGH/VGL)
Environment Operating Temperature: -30 ~ 75 °C ; Storage Temperature: -40 ~ 85 °C ; Vibration Level: 2.9G (28.4 m/s²)

C070FW02 V0 inverter, C070FW02 V0 power supply, C070FW02 V0 electronic board, C070FW02 V0 VGA board, C070FW02 V0 touchscreen available.

Shunlongwei Inspected Every C070FW02 V0 Before Ship, All C070FW02 V0 with 6 months warranty.
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