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  • (1) Stamping of auto parts and other industries. Mainly punching and shear forming. Many of these companies belong to standard parts factories, and there are also some independent stamping factories. At present, there are many such small factories around some automobile factories or tractor factories.
  • (2) Special stamping enterprises. For example, the stamping of aviation parts belongs to this type of enterprise, but these craft factories are also belonged to some large factories.
  • (3) Electronic parts stamping factory. This type of factory is a new industry, developed with the development of electrical appliances, and these factories are mainly concentrated in the south.
  • (4) Stamping factory for daily necessities. Making some handicrafts, tableware, etc., these factories have also made great progress in recent years.
  • (5) Stamping factory for household appliances parts. These factories only appeared after the development of my country’s household appliances, and most of them are distributed in household appliance enterprises.
  • (6) Stamping in the automotive industry. Focus on deep drawing. This part of our country is mainly concentrated in large factories such as automobile factories, tractor factories, and aircraft manufacturers. Independent large-scale drawing and drawing factories are rare.

At present, there are few large domestic enterprises specializing in stamping, and if there are some small factories. The main feature is the parts or component factory. This is the main feature of the stamping industry. Different from other blank manufacturing plants.

Stamping is sometimes called sheet forming, but there is a slight difference. The so-called sheet forming refers to the forming method that uses sheet material, thin-walled tubes, thin profiles, etc. as raw materials for plastic processing, collectively called sheet forming. At this time, the deformation in the direction of the thick plate is generally not considered. The stamping industry is an industry that involves a wide range of fields, and goes deep into all aspects of the manufacturing industry. In foreign countries, stamping is called sheet metal forming. This is also called in our country. What is China’s stamping industry like, what is abroad, and how we go, this is a matter of concern to all of us.

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