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Apple stipulates that from December 8, 2020, new App and App updates submitted by developers to App Store need to include App privacy information; on December 14, product pages in App Store show privacy labels to users one after another, and App providing privacy information becomes one of the important steps for App shelves and updates.

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Provide more guidelines for App Store privacy label filling

Apple stipulates that from December 8, 2020, new App and App updates submitted by developers to App Store need to include App privacy information; on December 14, product pages in App Store show privacy labels to users one after another, and App providing privacy information becomes one of the important steps for App shelves and updates.

Although the process of filling in App privacy information is not complicated, it contains many details to be understood, and Apple has previously published “Detailed Instructions for App Privacy Protection on App Store”, which contains 9 parts: answering questions, data collection, selective disclosure, data types, data usage, data associated with users, tracking, privacy links and other notes for developers’ reference when filling in. On February 23, Apple’s developer website released a message to provide more guidelines for filling out the App Store privacy label.

The latest “Detailed Instructions for App Privacy Protection on the App Store” has not yet been published in Chinese. Compared with the content before the update, there are updates and additions to the content of the 3 sections on data collection, data types and other considerations, which require special attention from developers (original translation for reference).

Increase the explanation of the privacy label

This update adds an explanation of the privacy label: The privacy label is to help users understand what data the app will collect and how it will be used.

At the same time, Apple emphasizes that “even if a developer collects data for reasons other than analytics or advertising, it still needs to state that”, for example, if the app only needs to collect data for its own function, it also needs to submit privacy information and state that the data will only be used for this purpose.

In short, as long as the App collects user data, it needs to submit privacy information to be able to be displayed on the product privacy tab page in the App Store to help users understand the data that the App needs to collect.

Scope of game content in the supplementary data type

For the part of user content-game content in the data type, the previous explanation is “user-generated content in the game”, but this time the scope of game content is explained in more detail: for example, saved games, multiplayer game matching or game logic, or user-generated content in the game.

4 new notes

Previously there were 6 notes, mentioning the collection of different types of user data, the use of Apple frameworks or services, the collection of precise locations but storage before de-identified and coarsened, etc. This update adds 4 items, covering more situations for developers to refer to.

Your application has a web view

Data collected via web traffic must be accounted for, unless you allow users to browse the open web.

You collect and store the user’s IP address

Specify the relevant data types depending on how the IP address is used, such as exact location, coarse location, device ID, or diagnostics.

You provide private in-app messages between users, not SMS text messages.

Specify email or SMS on the label, SMS includes both short and non-short messages.

Your application includes game saves, multiplayer matches, or play logic.

State the game content on the tab

So far, the main change of this description is the above 3 parts, if the App contains the above information, you can update it in App Store Connect (https://appstoreconnect.apple.com/login) in time, special reminder, updating privacy information does not need to resubmit the App, and does not need to pass Special reminder, updating privacy information does not require resubmitting the app, nor does it have to pass the App Review.

Detailed Instructions for App Privacy Protection on the App Store” previously in Chinese.


The latest English version of the “Detailed Instructions for App Privacy Protection on the App Store” is available at


App Analytics Now Includes Light App Data

At WWDC in June 2020, Apple released the new iOS 14, bringing updates to heavyweight new features including on-screen widgets, App Library, video picture-in-picture, and the new Light App (App Clips). Light App is similar to the function of an applet, users don’t need to download and install the app, it only takes a few seconds to quickly load and complete a specific experience, which greatly saves the memory of the phone.

On December 16, with the push of iOS 14.3, Apple also officially provided developers with “Light App Codes,” which allow developers to provide a variety of ways to help users discover their Light App.

On February 22, Apple released a news that it has included the analytic data of Light App in App Analytics to help developers measure the data performance of Light App so as to optimize and iterate the product.

How does Apple count Light App data in the background?

Every time a Light App card is displayed, it counts as one “card view”.
When the user taps the action button on the card, the Light App will be launched and installed on the user’s device, which will count as one “Light App Install”.
If the user does not launch the Light App again for 30 consecutive days, it will be automatically removed from the device.
If the user launches your Light App again and uses it for at least 1 second, this will count as one Light App Usage.
If a user downloads your App from the App Store through a link in your Light App, the resulting additional App Purchases will be attributed to your Light App. The number of “Light App purchases” or “crashes” that occur during this process will also be recorded.
Data for the “Light App” metric comes from users who have agreed to share diagnostic and usage information with App developers.

How can developers view Light App data metrics?

In App Analytics, select the App associated with your Light App. The Overview page will list the key metrics for your App.

In the menu bar, tap on “Metrics”

“The Metrics page opens with “Product Page Views” displayed by default. Tap the metrics selector in the upper-left corner to expand the “Light App” category of metrics.

Select the Light App metric you want to view from the drop-down list

You can also set dimensions or add filters if needed. In the upper-right corner of the page, select a date range.

Apple Entrepreneur Camp is open for applications

On February 22, Apple announced the opening of applications for Apple Entrepreneur Camp, which is designed to support minority entrepreneurs and developers in developing a new generation of cutting-edge apps and developing a global network to encourage these entrepreneurs to continue to explore and grow in the technology space.

The next round of classes is scheduled to run online from July 20-29, 2021, and applications are now open for female entrepreneurs and developers. During the course, Apple engineers will provide programming guidance and Apple executives will serve as mentors to share insights and inspiration. The application deadline is March 26, 2021.

The above news are all good news closely related to developers: among them, the update of App Store Privacy Information Filling Guide clarifies some situations that were not included before, helping developers to improve the efficiency of submitting privacy information; although people have different views on Light App at present, some companies with conditions are still considering to layout and try to seize the dividends. At present, the App Store Connect background App analysis part has been able to view the light App data, and you can refer to this data for optimization and iteration.

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