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Apple will soon be adding a new advertising feature to its Search tab.

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Apple news about Google search ads

According to the Financial Times, Apple Suggested ads will be located in the Search tab resembling Google search ads.

Advertisers can promote their apps here even before a user enters a search query. In that sense, the ads act like app suggestions.

Apple has been testing the new ads since the start of the year with the roll-out of iOS 14.5 beta.

Search Ads generate around $1 billion in revenues for Apple each year.

App Store Search Ads were launched in 2016, but the new Suggested format differs in that users no longer need to search for an app.

It comes at a time when Apple’s app tracking transparency changes have disrupted the app marketing industry because targeted ads need permission from users to be shown.

Thirty-party tracking is no longer allowed, while first-party tracking continues to be enabled.

Apple has come under scrutiny from critics saying that its rules largely benefit the company.

ASO algorithms

ASO World fuels growth for mobile leaders around the world. In this article, we present the most searched terms on the App Store in the first quarter of 2021. We gathered data for 6 of the world’s largest app markets (United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, and India) to find which keywords produced the highest search volumes in Q1 2021.

These insights are valuable for several reasons. First, when adding keywords to your metadata, you should determine the most relevant terms with the highest potential to drive downloads to your app or game. As a result, ASO World provides Apple’s exact Search Popularity score to help you understand how often a keyword is searched for on the app stores.

Identifying the most popular search terms can also help you understand the distribution of generic and branded keywords to form an effective keyword strategy. This is exactly why ASO World’s Keyword Research tools indicate which keywords are generic and which are branded, so you can easily choose the best terms for your analyses.

You can also find the most popular App Store keywords of 2020, 2019, and 2018 at the end of this article! Analyzing keyword trends will allow you to understand shifts in consumer interests and effectively target customer behaviors. Follow our straightforward methodology to find the best keywords for your app to identify those terms that either gain or lose search volumes over time.

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