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After the widget feature was launched, it not only made it to the top of Weibo, Zhihu and other major social media platforms, but Apple also set up a number of recommendations for it in the App Store, and the rankings and downloads of a number of iOS14-compatible products have increased significantly.

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How hot is the widget? How strongly has Apple recommended it? Among the many new features in iOS14, what other features will be as popular as widgets and bring developers a wave of bonuses? See below.

Widgets are buzzing on social media platforms + recommended by Apple

Color Widgets, a tool product that was launched on September 17, rose 86 spots to the top of the App Store’s free app list yesterday (September 21), with an estimated 26w+ downloads in a single day. The main function of the product is to solve the problem of not being able to change the color of the background in the widget function of the new iOS14 system.

Color Widgets” recent week ranking trend

At the same time, the Seven Wheat Research Institute found that since the release of iOS14 last week, a number of apps that support Widgets, such as Clock, Timer, Calendar, Weather, etc., have seen an obvious increase in their rankings, and it is observed that their downloads have also increased at the same time.

Top ranking trend in the past 5 days

My Weather” ranking trend in the past week

The role of social platform is obvious

After the official release of iOS14, many users started to share their strategies on how to use widget function and how to design layout on major social media platforms. At present, the topic of #iOS14 widget has been on Weibo hot search, with 180 million reads and 26,000 discussions, and we can see that many users are sharing with each other the widget apps they think are good and how to personalize the widget. This celebrity effect has prompted many users to follow suit.

In addition, the question “How can I arrange my desktop to look better on iOS14? The question “How to arrange the desktop better?” on Zhihu platform has also generated over 70w views, and the iOS14 widget has become a hot topic on ShakeYin platform with 631.9w hits and thousands of related videos.

Judging from the buzz generated by the iOS14 widget on major social media platforms, users’ attention to the widget is still very high. The spread of social media platforms also provides a wider source of users for apps that support widgets, so there are many users who upgrade their systems to experience the new features.

Apple sets up multiple feature recommendations

After the launch of iOS14, Apple not only recommended widget apps in the Today topic of App Store, but also recommended them in the “iOS14 Featured App” topic in the “App” tab. in the “App” tab. In addition, the “Useful Widgets” feature appears in the App Store when you search for keywords such as “widgets.

As we all know, apps that are recommended by Apple have the opportunity to gain a lot of effective exposure for their products, thus gaining more traffic. After the arrival of the new iOS14 system or new features, some developers with a keen sense of smell adapted the widget function according to the characteristics of their products, thus gaining Apple’s recommendation and seizing a wave of dividends.

In addition to products with advantages in display, such as clock, calendar and weather, office software “WPS Office” has also been adapted to iOS14 widget function in its latest version, including support for adding recent documents, shared documents and starred documents to desktop widgets.

Developers who have already adapted widgets can try to actively self-refer to Apple, and those who have not can reasonably consider adapting them based on their product features.

What new iOS14 features may become the next big thing?

The widget is just one of the many new features in iOS14. After the widget becomes a hit, which new features will become the next hit?

The Hidden Pops in the New iOS14 Features

In this feature, in addition to the already popular widgets, four new features are recommended: Game Center, custom Apple watch dial, picture-in-picture, and login via Apple.

Game Center is now recommended separately in the “Games” tab of the App Store, and according to the recommendations, Game Center has been redesigned to include key information such as the list of friends, the list of players you’ve recently played with, and achievements in the game. Game Center has been redesigned to include key information such as friends list, recent players list and achievements in games in the same interface. Game developers who have already adapted can actively self-refer to Apple to get more exposure for their products.

The “App” tab of the App Store also recommends apps that are compatible with watchOS 7.

In addition to the above recommended features, the latest updated version of the “NetEase” App has clearly shown that the product supports App Clips, and the product can be purchased in stores without queuing and waiting, by scanning the code, and the product also adopts the way to guide users to download the main App by downloading the App through App Clips and receiving the discount.

From the App Store’s recommendation of several new features for iOS14, in addition to the already hot widget feature, other features such as App Clips and picture-in-picture are also likely to become the next feature to screen the social network. Developers can seize the opportunity to consider adapting the new features brought by iOS14 according to the product features and R&D capabilities. For example, the picture-in-picture feature can be considered for video products. When Apple recommends a certain feature, you can actively recommend yourself.

Apple’s new rules also give you a chance to get a recommendation

In addition to the new features of iOS14, there is another recommendation that is worthy of attention: Apple’s key recommendation for apps that have been adapted to log in through Apple.

With the release of this new system, Apple has once again upgraded user privacy. In iOS14, “Sign in via Apple” allows users to sign in quickly and securely to apps that support this feature, allowing them to keep their existing account while remembering one less password. The App Store currently has a separate section for some apps that support “Sign in through Apple”, and developers can contact Apple for self-referrals for products that already support it.

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