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ActiveCampaign, the marketing automation platform, launched a $2 million development fund for app developers.

The financial help aims to aid developers in growing their business and reaching new audiences with their apps.

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To apply, start-ups and app developers have to create an integration with ActiveCampaign CXA to offer advanced features free to clients. Tools are designed to help companies automate tasks and help them realise their creative projects.

What matters most in your app business?

Around 70% of the firm’s clients are using its 870+ integrations which include Facebook, Shopify, Microsoft and Salesforce.

“Unlike all-in-one platforms that force customers to use their solutions, ActiveCampaign gives our customers incredible flexibility to use the tools that work best for their unique needs,” said Founder and CEO of ActiveCampaign, Jason VandeBoom.

“By introducing our Developer Fund, we are continuing to lead with that customer obsession. We’re creating this program so our developer partners feel valued and incentivized to create even more tools, and therefore more flexibility for our customers.”

The company hopes to grow its integrations to over 1,000 using the fund to support its 150,000 clients globally.

Your data is waiting. Machine learning can help you use it.

Every email, phone call, and sale is data. But if you can’t use that data to make better decisions, it goes to waste. Machine learning crunches the numbers so that you can make better decisions in your business.

Can you answer these questions?

What’s the chance that this lead becomes a customer? What’s the best time to send an email? Those questions are hard for people to answer—but it’s easy for machine learning.

Not every piece of information is important for every business. Machine learning lets you flip a switch, so that you can customize the insights based on what matters most to you.

See how machine learning can help your business

People are better at some things. Machines are better at others. Let them take care of numbers so that you can offer the personal touch machines can’t replace.

Focus on the deals most likely to close

Don’t waste time on leads that will never turn into customers. Don’t miss out on leads that almost converted, but slipped away. When you know which leads are more likely to close, you can focus your sales team to close more deals and win more customers.

Send emails that get opened and clicked

Not everyone checks their email at the same time. When contacts get your emails at the times they prefer, you get more opens, more reads, more clicks—and more sales. Predictive sending sends your automation emails at the best time.

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