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Increasing organic traffic will help your app acquire more users. Read this article to learn how to get organic traffic.

What is organic traffic?

Organic traffic includes users who found your app’s page in the app store as a result of free marketing methods. Such methods can include but are not limited to:

While organic traffic is free, it does take a while to build up this traffic. Paid methods produce much quicker results, but they do add to your expenses.

Ideally, your app marketing plan will include a healthy balance of paid and organic strategies that bring more users to your app’s product page.

How to get organic traffic

Reduce your marketing expenses by implementing tactics that generate organic traffic. Listed below are 4 great strategies you should try.

App store optimization (ASO)

Many users find new apps by searching keywords in the app store. ASO focuses on optimizing your app’s page so that it appears towards the top of the search results.

Here are some ASO tips that will help improve your app’s rank:

  • Conduct Keyword Research – Find organic keywords that your target market uses frequently;
  • Use Those Organic Keywords – After you’ve settled on the best keywords for your app, place them in the title and description. If your app’s page has been properly optimized, it may appear towards the top of the search results for those keywords;
  • Nail the Title and Description – They should clearly convey what your app does and make readers eager to download it;
  • Create Screenshots – These images need to show off your app’s best features,
  • Keep Updating Your App – Keeping your app updated will help to increase its rank.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Some users search Google or Bing to find a new app, so optimizing your app’s page for search engines is another great way to increase organic traffic.

Keywords play an important role in SEO, just as they do in ASO. Make sure your app’s title and description include the best keywords you can find.

You should also attempt to get as many good reviews as you can. The more reviews your app receives the better its rank will be.

If you want to maximize how frequently your app appears in search results, enable app indexing. This will allow the Google crawler to index your app’s pages so that it will rank for more keywords.

SEO can be a bit complex, so do your research on how to increase organic search engine traffic. There is more to it than this article can cover.

Content marketing plan

Content marketing is another effective traffic boosting strategy and there is a wide variety of methods to choose from.

Writing blog posts is a popular tactic. Recording videos and sending newsletters are two additional noteworthy strategies. Do your research to find even more great ideas that you could use.

No matter what form it’s in, the content you create must benefit your audience and strengthen their trust in your brand.

You must be patient because content marketing is a long-term strategy that doesn’t produce instant results. But those who work hard and wait patiently will reap the rewards of content marketing.

Social media

Getting on social media is another great strategy for increasing organic traffic because many of the social media platforms provide opportunities to find new leads who would be interested in your app.

Here are some valuable social media tips:

  • Post consistently;
  • Provide interesting, useful, and valuable content that your followers enjoy;
  • Avoid promoting your app in every post,
  • But do throw in some promotional posts here and there!

Increasing organic traffic isn’t effortless, but it is possible. If you put in the work and stick with it you will see slow and steady growth.

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